Opale – Sparkles and Wine

Music video directed by Nacho Guzman, premiered on Noisey and featured on The Huffington Post !
Cinematographer – Clara Muñoz
Assistant Director – Olly Johnson
Focus Puller – Sacha GVL
Art Director – Rocìo Ortiz
Creative Department – Melina Curi
Talent – Stella Stocker

Music by Opale « Sparkles and Wine » from « L’incandescent » LP

The video is actually an homage to deceased French director Henri-Georges Clouzot. In his final unfinished film, « L’enfer, » Clouzot employed a similar lighting technique.

The video has been created entirely without the assistance of any kind of animation software or 3D technique. What you see has been generated on real time thanks to the lighting system and the kinetic optical feedback, and then mixed together.