Hante. – The Storm

Directed and edited by Jeremy Carne & Nikolas Kasinos (theouroboros.co.uk).
Prosthetics by Hermes Pittakos.

Music by Hante from ‘Her Fall And Rise’ EP out on December 10th.

Inspired by the dark tones of ‘The Storm’, directors transcribe a dystopian world parallel to our own, where strange characters appear overnight and own the streets. The characters seem to be observed by someone, they look him and seem to recognize him, but they stay apathetic and intrigued by his presence.
The director duo ‘Ouroboros’ plays on the confusion of meaning and disorientation that occurs at night, by suggesting the appearance of beings in unreal appearance. In the form of a dark poetry, they plunge us into a fantasy world populated by demons who haunt us at night, those who come from the past and particularly from our childhood, those who make us believe that we are not alone at night.