Plurabelle – Phantom Pyramid LP


Plurabelle – Phantom Pyramid – SK_08

 300 Limited edition 12″ black vinyl (cutting on lacquers masterdisc, with inner black paper sleeve and a special insert for the lyrics)

Release date 16-06-14

All tracks written, performed, produced, and recorded by Alex Bălă and Cristian Fierbinţeanu 
Mastered by Anywave
Produced by Stellar Kinematics

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Phantom Pyramid’ is an LP coming right out from the limbo. A slippy, blurrily- outlined protean monster, a rabid, sexless animal that delivers a mesmerizing and sulphur-flavored message, torn between psychotic tendencies and uncertain romances. Far from the bittersweet psalms of musical evangelism, the opus offers an interlacing of melodic swellings, sometimes frightening and confusing, however dangerously bewitching. Beginning with the B-side, the hellish invocation throws us out, anaesthetized yet exalted, into the undefined twists, complex convolutions and dizzy depths of a tortured mind. A comfortable fall into the unpredictable.

Plurabelle is a 2013 Romanian duo composed of Alex Bălă and Cristian Fierbinteanu. The second adds his haunting voice and incantatory lyrics to the unease and emotional chaos of the first, within a raw, primal vision of human relationships, doubt, sexlessness and fractured identity. Complementing each other in their twisted musical trance, both switch with style and ease between fickle lyrics and hissing, mysterious melodies.

Plurabelle’s specific approach defines the project as a voluble outsider, rooted to its values and letting its stems grow apart from the standards of synthwave, with lucid determination. That’s why this LP, produced by French label Stellar Kinematics, has seen two of its songs, Lindo and Blood, premiered on both Vice/Noisey and Hartzine.