Playground – Debut EP


Lost somewhere between dream & reality, Playground shares intimate pieces of herself. She plays cold, melodic, and dreamy music for nostalgics and sunset lovers.

The Parisian artist Sophia Hamadi chose to release a free EP to share her dreamlike universe with everyone. Captivated by her melodies, a selection of artists were pleased to collaborate with her on this project :
Sarah Nag from The Voyeurist shared vocals , Ensemble Economique offered production, and Claire-Elise Tippins from Featureless Ghost provided the artwork.

Made up of 5 tracks, Playground EP invites you to explore the depths of your spirit, opening its doors to memories and forgotten dreams. The EP includes three remixes by Jerome Laufer (FR), Chromatic Dream (UK) and Vinjette (SE) leading to new genres, often retro, italo or experimental.

The artists’ debut EP is a smooth and enjoyable soundtrack leading in a new, and entirely irresistible direction.

Featuring The Voyeurist & Ensemble Economique

Remixes by Chromatic DreamVinjette & Jerome Laufer

Mixed & Mastered by Brian Pyle & Emilien Saintebarbe

Cover by Claire Elise Tippins