Hawaii94 – Nightvision EP


Hawaii94 ‘Nightvision’ EP is out and also premiered on Villa Schweppes !

Mastered by Anywave – anywaverecords.com
Artwork by Ted Supercar – ted-supercar.tumblr.com
Produced by Stellar Kinematics – stellarkinematics.com

Inside his room in Melbourne, Hawaii94 produces a fruity and intoxicating music. Following his fellow eldest Twin Shadow, Ariel pink or Neon Indian, Hawaii94 is a ‘DIY bedroom producer’ combining analog and digital to create a sound mixing dream wave and tropical pop. Highlighted by a vapor voice and warm, almost naive chords, Nightvision EP is a journey between night and day, at a time when it is too late yet to go to bed but too early to do anything. The perfect time to take a stroll in Melbourne half-asleep, between buildings, ocean and nostalgia.