H ø R D – EP#2 is out now



H ø R D first vinyl EP will be out on October 15th on Stellar Kinematics, Anywave & Ol’ Dirty Dancin.

The record comes in a limited 7″ edition of 200 black vinyls + 100 white vinyls.

Tracklist :
A – Speak
B – Let Them Burn

Remixes :
Speak (Hante. Remix)
Let Them Burn (Volcan Remix)
Speak (A V G V S T Remix)
Let Them Burn (Black Bug Remix)

Winter Mixtape

Happy new year !
Thanks to all of you who have supported us and continue to spread the word everyday !

Hante. – Her Fall And Rise (debut EP)

Hante - Her Fall And Rise

A – Damages
B – The Storm

The record comes in a special edition of 35 transparent vinyls with a laser cut and screen printed ultra black cover (Fedrigoni 480 gr.).

After her previous noteworthy projects Phosphor and Minuit Machine, Hélène de Thoury offers, through her first solo project, a cold and synthetic music mixing nagging cold wave and striking electronics.
« Her Fall And Rise » depicts these moments in life when you swing between dark melancholia and bright hope. The EP spreads all its complexity through 7 tracks and a limited edition vinyl, offered as a real art object with several interpretations.

Hante. – The Storm

Hante. ‘The Storm’ music video is premiered on Hartzine !

Directed and edited by Jeremy Carne & Nikolas Kasinos (theouroboros.co.uk).
Prosthetics by Hermes Pittakos.

Music by Hante from ‘Her Fall And Rise’ EP out on December 10th.

Inspired by the dark tones of ‘The Storm’, directors transcribe a dystopian world parallel to our own, where strange characters appear overnight and own the streets. The characters seem to be observed by someone, they look him and seem to recognize him, but they stay apathetic and intrigued by his presence.
The director duo ‘Ouroboros’ plays on the confusion of meaning and disorientation that occurs at night, by suggesting the appearance of beings in unreal appearance. In the form of a dark poetry, they plunge us into a fantasy world populated by demons who haunt us at night, those who come from the past and particularly from our childhood, those who make us believe that we are not alone at night.

IC3PEAK – Vacuum (video)

Vacuum’s IC3PEAK music video is out now.

IC3PEAK – Vacuum


« Vacuum » EP is out on Stellar Kinematics ! Behind IC3PEAK are Nick and Nastya – two audiovisual artists based in Moscow.
Free download and CD. IC3PEAK ‘Vacuum’ EP is part of our new CD series with (secret) cover printed on transparent Rhodoïd.

Collapse’s IC3PEAK music video is also premiered on hartzine.


Out soon on Stellar Kinematics.

Summer Mixtape

This mixtape is made of past and future tracks produced for Stellar Kinematics between 2012 and 2014. Some of them are unfinished and/or unmastered.

See you in september <3

Tracklist :

Playground – Come Alive in Me (Feat. Ensemble Economique) • SK01 – 2012
Film/Noir – Limbo • EP coming soon
IC3PEAK – Collapse • EP coming soon
Plurabelle – Teide • SK08 – 2014
Hawaii94 – Runaway • SK06 – 2014
Mathematique – Summer, But I Don’t Know • SK07 – 2014
Mondo Cool – Bright Dark • EP coming soon
Opale – Hold You Tight • SK03 – 2013
Hante – Damages • EP coming soon
La Main – Une Promesse • LP coming soon
Louise Roam – The Walk • EP coming soon
Liquid Skulls – Animals • LP and new project coming soon

Plurabelle – Our Fires

Plurabelle ‘Our Fires’ music video is premiered on Noisey/Vice !

Drawings, animation and editing by Mattis Dovier.

Music by Plurabelle ’Our Fires’ from Phantom Pyramid LP out on june 16th on Stellar Kinematics.

In addition to pixel art and frame by frame animation, graphics in this video are based on various influences. The main ones arise from the underground manga, especially Maruo Suehiro’s « ero-guro » or erotic-grotesque style (to name one), that mixes both horror and erotic genres. Human passions such as love and violence become exacerbated to their climax, making the man look like a crazy and decadent animal, the whole thing taking the form of a macabre poetry.

Adolescence, embodied by the mutation into a monstrous beast, is a tribute to B-movies, drawing references from John Carpenter’s or illustrator Charles Burns’ universes. Symbolism in the transition into adulthood is seen as a rite of passage, requiring the death of a human being and the birth of another. The hauting mystical song immerses us inexorably into the intricacies of this transformation you can’t avoid, whatever you do.

Plurabelle ‘Phantom Pyramid’ LP out now !


We are proud to announce that Plurabelle ‘Phantom Pyramid’ LP is out now and also premiered on VICE/Noisey !

Mathematique Eurotour

Mathematique EUROTOUR

Mathematique Eurotour starts now !

05.24 Kraków, PL @ Klub Bomba for Green ZOO Festival

05.29 Bucharest, RO @ Gradina OAR (w/ Fierbinteanu)

05.31 Amsterdam, NL@ Cinetol – Ruimte voor Cultuur & Ondernemen 

06.06 Leipzig, DE @ Institut fuer Zukunft

06.11 Frankfurt, DE @ Oetinger Villa (w/ Girls Names)

06.13 Berlin, DE @ Loophole Berlin (w/ Magic Island, Jack Chosef, etc)

06.18 Paris, FR @ Glass (w/ Le Turc Mecanique)

06.20 Bordeaux, FR @ Café Pompier


To celebrate her Eurotour she also did a mixtape for Vice Romania !


Mathematique – Summer, but i don’t know

Mathematique ‘Summer, But I Don’t Know’ is premiered on No Fear Of Pop !

Directed by Jason Harvey who’s done videos for Mac DeMarco, No Joy, Majical Cloudz or Alex Calder.

Haptical Mixtape #3

Stellar Kinematics x Ponytale Magazine

Haptical Mixtape #3

Ponytale Mag is a biannual publication that explores feminity through art, music and fashion. Support Girl Culture !









Opale with Trust in Spain !


Opale will play in Spain in june ! Sophia and Rocio will open for Trust !

12/06 – MADRID, Shoko
13/06 – BILBAO, Kafe Antzokia
14/06 – OVIEDO, Whippoorwill Festival

Plurabelle – Blood

Plurabelle ‘Blood’ is the video of the week on Hartzine !

Introducing ‘Creepy Casual’. Made by a small bunch of music and video enthusiasts, this video for ‘Blood’ follows a young woman as she effervescently goes about her morning routine, despite her boyfriend’s obvious lack of reaction.

The music video goes along with the third track from Plurabelle‘s upcoming debut LP to be released on Stellar Kinematics, following ‘Lindo‘ and ‘Phantom Pyramid‘.

Plurabelle also did a fantastic remix of Mathemique – Yawun

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